Thursday, October 13, 2016

Hey 101'ers! Welcome to the first entry on the Commercial Acting 101 blog! The blog will cover all things 101 in our lives from service in our lives to that last audition we won/tanked. I'll be going more in depth with the 101 here as well and helpful and useful tips, resources and secrets we can all use in our next audition rooms! Welcome!

Thursday, June 30, 2016

Just had an incredible private coaching session with 101'er Keith. Keith came to me to work on Direct Pitch, which is talking directly to camera as the spokesperson for the product. Keith has been killing it since he took the 101 class. He booked a spot for Miracle Ear, a print ad, and just had a callback for Ramada Inn. Killing it!
We started discussing how the person that you choose to talk to makes all the difference in Direct Pitch. We were fluctuating between his good friend, then girl friend, and lo and behold if he wasn't two different people up in front of the camera. Amazing. It was eye opening for both of us. So Lesson Learned: Choose carefully who you talk to in direct pitch. It's all the difference between speaking to, or speaking at. We want to speak to, we want to communicate, we want to just be and let the camera pick up on who we're talking to in joy. That's our only job.