Wednesday, July 26, 2017

I lost three jobs this week

So, I lost three jobs this week. One callback for Maryland Lottery commercial. A pinned possible re-occur for Jessica Jones. And a film shooting in TN, which I BOOKED, then was informed it was a non-union job, which I can’t do. Three jobs. One week.
I should be bummed. And you know, I was. Jessica Jones? Come on?! That show is DOPE.
But what did we find out this week?
The Jessica Jones casting office loves me. The director of the film in TN loves me. I am so good, I can get close to three jobs in a week. I am in a place in my career where I CAN lose three jobs in a week.

Here’s a riddle: What’s wrong with the present moment?
Answer:  Nothing.  If you don’t think about it. (Thinking meaning judgement, evaluation,criticism.)

Okay, maybe not a ha-ha riddle, but it serves. 

What are the facts:

I am talented.
I am supported.
It’s been proven I can book a job.

What are the facts if I “think” about it:

I suck.
I’ll never work.
No one wants to work with me.
Even when I do book, I don’t get the job.
I’m unlucky

(I have to admit these are coming much faster than the earlier list)

Two weeks ago I had no auditions. A week ago I was possibly flying off to Maryland to shoot a lucrative commercial and be a re-occurring role on a Marvel show I love. This week, I’m writing a blog. All have the same charge and interest and joy but only if I don’t judge, evaluate or criticize. I try to enjoy myself now because that’s the only time I can enjoy. If I jump into the past to re-live those auditions, here comes the regret and pain. If I try and fantasize about my next (obviously bigger) audition in the future, here comes the fear and panic.

And that's my Solution this week. Excited to see what next week will bring, but will enjoy what’s here, now. Try it with me.


  1. I Love this! Thanks for sharing. I lost out on a recurring role on a show I think is great and a guest star role that would have been a lot of fun to do! I like the idea of focusing on getting to that place instead of the idea of losing the job. Thanks for that.

  2. I got 3 paid gigs this week and I didn't audition for any of them. I applied for 2 and got them, so I'm grateful I go the work as a result of showing up and applying. I'll get back to auditioning again soon! As a result, I had time to draft up a few blogs, plus write up my July blog post - which was running late. So, solution, I can keep on top of the admin, when I look outside the box and write the blogs on the train to and from my work or auditions.

    1. Thanks for that Debbie! Keep up the great work! And keep it up in the now!

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