Wednesday, May 24, 2017


Your headshot is important, but it may not be why you think. Students come into my class with their headshot in hand and ask what I think of their photo.   To be honest, it’s akin to asking your Grandma. Yes, I have experience in the business, but it’s no business of mine what your headshot looks like. It’s your agents.
I once had a very good and professional manager and she taught me a lot about my headshot.
She was a little nutty, but fantastic at her job. She told me that my pictures were her ammo to try and get me into the room, and that a good rep knows which photos they need. She suggested I find stills of scenes from the shows I wanted to be on, and find the specific scenes that have actors like me. What were they wearing? What were they thinking? What was it about their image that I could emulate in my photos. Mine was what’s his face from Criminal minds. Crimson shirt, grey sports jacket. A ‘tell me what you know” look. This was the prototype. And this was the result. And you know what? I ended up on Criminal Minds, acting across from what’s his name. Wild, right? Check it out HERE. 

I knew right away I wanted to sign with my LA commercial agency, because during our first meeting they laid out exactly what kind of photos they needed.
“We need an outdoor dad, with a grey vest and pop of color for the shirt.”
“We need a business casual with a blue button down, sleeves rolled up look.”
“We need a business shot, same blue shirt, but with a jacket.”

I mean, come on! I signed with them immediately, because they knew which ammo they needed (as well as other reasons of course, professional and not so professional. I mean they all dress up at the office for Halloween for God’s sake, how cool is that!?) The fact that they knew what worked, and what would work for me spoke volumes about their confidence and ability to get me into the room.
Which is a warning to be wary of the rep who blames your headshot for the inability to get you in the room and doesn’t suggest an alternative! Ask your reps for suggestions before you get your headshot. Talk to them about it, what do THEY need? Not how can I look good so I can show these pictures to my commercial acting class teacher and get some lavish praise (which is awesome, just not helpful for your career.) Bring them in anyway, I’d love to see them. In fact, post them below and let’s see!

TRY THIS: Contact your agent today (via email) to get their feedback on your headshot. Do they feel it’s helping them, or is there something they need to help get you into the room?

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  1. I met a guy on set recently who got an AMEX commercial two days after joining He said they told him he got the gig because "he looked like a nice guy."